Mapping Manager Business rules

This text editor needs to be updated. Its impossible to do a carriage return and if you append text it doesn't start on the next blank line. Its very ugly when you have large text strings. Text editor for BUSINESS RULES is just a blank text box no formatting is possible. 

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  • Hi Allison,

    The default editor does not allow for formatting of text as it is a simple text field inside a grid. for the purpose of formatting long business rules and/or adding new line info, we have provided an extended editor in the mapping grid. 

    1. when in the edit mode, click on the icon next to the edit icon and select the checkbox relevant to the Business Rule option. This will enable the extended editor

    2. Now, double click on the Business Rule cell that you wish to update in the mapping grid. This will open a pop up editor

    3.  In the pop up editor, enter the Business Rule and new line info as desired

    4. click the save icon on the pop up 

    5. save the mapping.

    6. The business rule is stored and displayed in the format in which you saved it. to view the info, hover on the cell in the mapping grid or double click to open the pop up.


    Hope this is helpful.



  • this doesn't alleviate the issue of an unformatted text box 

    • Allison Solway do you have transformations build out in your Mapping Manager? Our default for Business Rules without performing the steps Kartik mentioned are Published Transformation and reusable via  a pick list. I know very little about Mapping Manager other what I read and what  our SMEs explain to me so I read your question different then Kartik. 

  • Kartik Sridhar   I have received similar feedback from our users in Mapping Manager recently on the formatting not carrying through within their day to day processes from field to field. The example I received and tested was on Extended Business Rules Transformation when a mapping was versioned the formatting was removed. In my experience if you make a user interface look like excel the expectation is for it to behave like excel. If I doubled Click on the cell and was brought to the pop it editor. If the intention of the  design is to allow the flexibility  for each customer  to chose then I understand  the requirement.  I would think that it is a configuration setting for an organization to chose the entry standard across all mappings and projects.   I believe there is a defect with Versioning not keeping the format as it should be copy of the previous version until the user changes the mappings specifications. I will put in a Service Request. 

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