Table Filter Option not work



In current erwin (like 2020R2), if user check Table Filter and input EMP(not include "") of Reverse Eng then all tables what  included EMP (like EMPLOYER, ...) were reversed.

But in 2021R1 Beta b19453, if input EMP only to Table Filter then EMPLOYER table not reversed even mouse over tip of text input component displayed  same tip like before.

If input EMPLOYER then it reversed.

But, it reversed even it excepted Owner and Table Filter level.

If except EMPLOYER table in Tables level and input EMPLOYER in Table Filter of Default option then it reversed even it excepted.

I think it is not applied(not related with) Tables option.

I think it change to remove in Default Options level because user can select target table former level.

I really really happy this check option  because I asked this feature over from over 10 years ago and only erwin did not provide this feature until, now.

Other way is change option  how user select  whether use Table Filter or use manual check box.


How about your option?


Il-Soon, Im





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